Renewed Love

Do you ever get those days where you’re just so exhausted after a long day of work? Do you ever get those days where you’re just ready to go home and take a quick nap? What about those days where you’re just so tired, your bed is the only thing in your mind that you can really focus on? Often times we get so caught up with the busyness of life, we forget to take a moment to ourselves.

A moment to just relax.

A moment to rejuvenate.

And just a moment to breathe.

We all have different priorities, different schedules, and different goals. We have deadlines at work. Things to complete. People to attend to, whether it’d be your children, your boyfriend/husband, your family, friends, etc. We get so busy we don’t even realize that time just flew right on by! Some could agree that there just isn’t enough time during the day to really complete all the things you need to do or even planned to do. Our time is precious. And sometimes, our time is cut short. So I encourage you, take a moment to reflect how you start your morning. Are you constantly in a rush? Do you wake up stressed out thinking about all the things you need to do? Do you have a daily routine you follow? Do you easily get frustrated because of a situation that comes up early in the morning?

How you begin your morning is a reflection to how you’ll be throughout your day. Your vibe, your attitude, your energy…It all begins the moment you wake up.

So for the month of February, the Renewed Team encourages you to begin the month with a renewed love. Renew your love for yourself. Renew your time in setting goals for yourself.

Goals for the day.

Goals for the month.

Goals for the year.

Renew your effort of creating a schedule. Organizing your day by listing what and when things needs to be done. A realistic schedule that allows you to complete everything you need to do, that exact day you planned to. I encourage you to renew your love and time with family and friends. Allowing your undivided attention in just surrounding yourself with the closest people you have in your life. Away from social media, emails, phone calls, etc. I encourage you to renew your way of thinking as you rise in the morning to begin your day. Take a moment to just relax your mind before starting a hectic day of going back to work, running errands, etc. Try starting your day with a positive attitude.

Life is short and as time passes on like a speed of light, you don’t want to be so busy or distracted by “work” you miss out on precious moments of life.

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as much as you live.”

- Robin Snyder

Blog post written by: Cherrymae Saldivar