Create Healthy Morning Habits



We all get up and would love to feel energized and less stressed out to start the day. Here are some healthy habits I have formed that help me have a renewed mind daily.

1. Get some good rest if you can. The night before set your alarm at least an 1- 40 minutes before you have any commitments. This gives you time to go enter your day at ease and refreshment.

2. Wake Up. If possible leave your blinds open, this lets the natural sunshine in which helps you rise up. Also, take a look at the time to make sure you are on time.

3. Freshen up. Brush your teeth and face preferably with cold water, this gets you alert for the day.

4. Read, Meditate. Take yourself away from distractions, if it's on your phone or notifications. I take time to renew my mind and remind myself of who created me and who I am. I spend time with God, and this looks different for many people. I usually like reading the word, meditate on scripture, worship God through songs and praise, Doodling or journaling.

5. Get your Body Moving. On my days off I would like to do a workout or walk in the morning, but sometimes I do this in the afternoon, depends on your schedule. 

6. Have your meal prepped for the day. Have time to eat your breakfast, or take it with you on the go if you eat it at work. The night before I try to make my meal for lunch so that I can grab it and go in the morning.

7. Remind yourself of who you are. I take my "Speak Life" card that speaks to me for that day, and I bring it with me in my car, workplace or wherever I am to encourage me.